Present and future use of groundwater resources.

Groundwater resources play a crucial role in Britain's water supplies being used for both public supply and for direct abstraction by industry and agriculture. The proportion of groundwater used varies from one part of the country to another with the majority of abstraction taking place in the south and east. The main advantages of using groundwater are the ability to abstract where the water is needed thereby avoiding long pumping mains, a low environmental impact caused by the abstraction and generally a very reliable and excellent quality. Over the past decade or so a number of factors has changed this position. The appear reviews the way in which groundwater resources have been used in the past and current changes which are taking place.

Brassington F.C. (1992) Present and future use of groundwater resources. Modern Geology, Volume 16, Pages 363-374.


Eur Geol Eur Ing Professor F.C. Brassington BSc MSc CGeol FGS CEng MICE FCIWEM