Hydrogeological problems caused by Quarrying.

A large proportion of the formations that are worked for industrial minerals and construction materials also form aquifers that are used for water supplies. Quarrying and mining operations in these formations can result ion major changes in aquifer characteristics, which in turn, can modify directions of groundwater flow and alter groundwater chemistry. These changes may be of fundamental significance to water supply schemes, but they can often be avoided by appropriate early action. Various examples of such changes are cited, together with suggestions as to how these problems may be foreseen and avoided.

Brassington F.C. (1982) Hydrogeological problems caused by Quarrying. Transactions of the Institution of Mineralogy & Metallurgy Applied Earth Science, Volume 91, Pages B21-25.


Eur Geol Eur Ing Professor F.C. Brassington BSc MSc CGeol FGS CEng MICE FCIWEM